88 Recovery are based in Colchester, Essex and we know a thing or two about taxis and Private Hire Vehicles?
We also own All The 8's Private Hire Cars that operates in and around Colchester and that's why we got the idea to start 88 Recovery. When our drivers break down they need to know they can get home and their fare can get to where they're going, so... 88Recovery it is!


There are many reasons, but we think these are most important to you...

100+ Recovery Vehicles

Alongside our own 2 recovery vehicles we have access to over 100 recovery trucks around East Anglia and the London area, so wherever you are we can usually arrange to collect you within 1 hour

Open 24 hours every day

As a cab company ourselves we have staff waiting to take your call at any time of day or night and even on holidays!

£40,000+ Parts in Stock

We also own a garage and workshop. We hold a large stock of common consumable parts for most vehicles, so we can probably fix your minor fault quickly to get you back on the road as fast as possible.

Our recent performance






Ease of Use





Not Convinced Yet?

Seriously... Do we really need to explain more?

  • We understand urgency.

    We know how important your car is to your livlihood. We'll get your car home and fixed as soon as we can.
    (If the car is fixable., e,g engine problem.
     Accident repairs may need insurance approval.)

  • We Are Passionate

    We're not in business to let people down! We know you take your business seriously and we do too!

  • We are just a phone call away

    Whenever you need us we're just one phone call away. As long as you have an active account with us you're covered. No worrying if you have the 'right' cover!