We have a very simple application form. Once completed, we'll contact you and check your details and then create an account for you. You'll be emailed an invoice for your accounts. Once the invoice is paid you're covered for a whole year

No. Cover is for the vehicle registered on your account only.

If you have a taxi covered with us already, then yes you can (for an additional subscription fee). Our service is primarily a trade service for taxis and private hire vehicles, not for domestic customers.

You and your car are the things covered, but if somebody else is legally driving your car and it is YOU who make sthe call for recovery then we'll get your car home.

No. Once you are covered, you are covered! Whether we recover you once or twenty* times YOU ARE COVERED!
*In the event of many recoveries in one year there may be a fee review at the end of the year, if you choose to renew your cover.

No. This service is like an insurance policy. It is for peace of mind. You pay a single annual fee to know you don't need to worry. 
If you need recovery immediately then our full recovery fee is payable at the roadside.